Automated Report Center

Automated Report Center

Welcome to the Automated Report Center!

This self-serve kiosk allows you to get an instant future medical cost estimate at the click of your mouse.

Simply select the estimate you need and follow the prompts. Once you complete the payment information, the estimate report will be sent to your email address instantly.

These estimates are based on a national average of either Usual/Customary or Workers Compensation pricing. If you need state or regionally specific pricing, please see our services menu.

These consulting reports are for mediation, demands, and informational purposes only and are not meant to be used as a testifying Life Care Plan or the basis for expert testimony.

Surgical Report - $249

A detailed chart of costs based on a specific surgical procedure. Includes pricing for pre-operative workup, post-operative care, surgeon’s fees, assistant surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, and hospital charges. Based on a national average of either the Usual/Customary or Workers Compensation fee schedule. This is a consulting report suitable for mediations, demand packages, or informational purposes only it is not suitable for deposition or trial testimony.