“Karen, Jenny, and the rest of the team at ProjectWorks Cost Projections have helped me obtain policy limits in several recent cases that would not have settled for near those amounts had it not been for their hard work. They are a tremendous asset to my firm and the people we serve. If you have not utilized their services to date, you may be leaving money on the table.”Kenny Berger, Attorney, Columbia, SC
“When it comes to complex cases, an accurate evaluation to identify the true value of the case can only be reached with the kind of comprehensive research and analysis that comes from Karen Shelton and the various services she provides. She has always gone above and beyond to ensure that our clients’ medical treatment is properly documented, verified, and evaluated, creating a rock-solid analysis that allows carriers to see an accurate reflection of the ongoing medical treatment and the costs associated with this treatment.

Karen is a highly skilled expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience. But equally important she cares about her work and the lives that it impacts. At one mediation in particular I called Ms. Shelton and asked her to send me a client medical care breakdown as our mediation was coming to an impasse. Ms. Shelton dropped everything that she was doing and provided me with the documents and information I needed in order to settle that matter for a fair value. Only a professional who cares about their practice and the real people behind them would and could have completed such a task.

I strongly recommend Ms. Shelton.”Kristie Shaw, Attorney, The Derrick Law Firm, Conway, SC

“The team at ProjectWorks is masterful. Whenever I need help on Medicare issues, I call. Whenever I need to understand what Medicare does not cover, I call. Whenever I need a Disability Cost Analysis or full Life Care Plan, I call. Working with ProjectWorks provides me the information to make the case better and stronger. Professionalism and expertise at the highest.”David Pearlman, Attorney, The Steinberg Law Firm, Charleston, SC
“The reports generated by ProjectWorks Cost Projections are easy to understand and accurate. They are always helpful to understand the medical issues facing my client in the future. I highly recommend ProjectWorks Cost Projections for those who need a better grasp on their client’s medical future.”Attorney, Charleston, SC
“ProjectWorks Cost Projections has been a great asset to our firm. Their reports have helped clarify and fully document the future medical damages for our injured clients. I highly recommend their services.”John Eric Fulda, Attorney, Columbia, SC
“I have been working with Karen Shelton and the staff of ProjectWorks for quite some time regarding obtaining projected medical care costs for the purposes of mediation of cases. Ms. Shelton and her staff are extremely thorough and efficient in their review of the pertinent medical records in each case and in speaking with each client to review their current medical status, ongoing medications, etc. Ms. Shelton and her staff can provide costs both under the workers compensation fee schedule, as well as in a usual and customary fashion. Their astute medical cost analyses enable my clients to have the best opportunity to resolve their cases upon proper
consideration of medical cost exposure. ProjectWorks also provides us with Medicare related costs and a comparison of what is being covered by Medicare versus if you had to get the same medical costs under the workers compensation fee schedule. They understand covered and non-covered costs by Medicare in a workers compensation setting. They are easy to work with and provide timely, reliable medical cost information. It is a pleasure to work with them.”William B. Salley, Jr., Esquire, Salley Law Firm, P.A., Lexington, SC